Italian Boots Women Love

There is nothing as sexy as a woman in boots. A pair of boots is the only piece of fashion accessory that can transform any woman from the mild and calm to the sophisticated, confident and exciting. In the fashion world, boots have come a long way and have transformed the way women dress.Boots were initially a necessity. A foot wear designed to combat the elements, depending on what season it might be, snow in winter, rain and mud in the summer and fall. It was also a major accessory for horseback riding and it is still used today for that purpose. It also took away from us the opportunity to use the weather as an excuses not to work. Boots can be made from a wide variety of materials such as leather, rubber, canvas or other synthetic materials that do a good job at keeping our feet and sometimes our legs up to the thigh dry and dirt free.

As more and more women worked away from the home, and still needed the functionality of boots, but in a more elegant package, it provided a challenge and opportunity for fashion designers. They quickly designed fashionable and elegant boots, and in no time at all, boots quickly became a fashion statement. They come in all shapes and sizes and it is really hard for a woman to go wrong with any pair of boots.There are three main lengths of boots to choose from with a few outliers here and there, but the major sizes include:– Ankle length
– Knee high or slightly under
– Thigh high bootsBoots generally draw attention to a woman’s leg. They are comfortable to wear and walk in and when the weather is not that great, keep our feet safe and dry. There is the thigh high or full length boots that can extend above the knee or be as high as almost reaching the crotch in which case they are called crotch boots. They give an elegant slim look which projects a sexy and confident woman.

The ankle length boots and knee high boots are equally as classy and elegant as the full length boots and tend to complement what the lady is wearing. For the casual style, non flashy low keyed lady, the ankle length is perfect. They have features that usually stand out such as the color, unique design or style.A pair of boots or two should be a component of every woman’s wardrobe. Since women’s boots became mainstream fashion decades ago, they have made a huge impact in the lives of women all over the world and I am yet to see the woman that is not sexy in boots.